Board of directors

The Emerald Group’s Board of Directors is composed of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds in investment, banking, and law, representing four continents.

N'Gunu Tiny

Khalid Al Amiri

Afzal Munshi

Nathalie Poirier

The Board’s primary objective is to formulate a comprehensive, long-term company strategy.
Their deep understanding of the countries and regions in which the Emerald Group operates extends beyond financial matters to encompass cultural, legal, political, and socioeconomic nuances specific to each market. The Board possesses an extensive network of valuable relationships and strategic partnerships. These connections grant them privileged access to unique investment opportunities that foster sustainable growth. Their close collaborations with decision-makers, local entrepreneurs, and CEOs of public and private companies keep them at the forefront of emerging market trends.
 Management committe

N'Gunu Tiny

Chairman & CEO

Afzal Munshi

President & COO

Cristiana Nóbrega

Chief Financial Officer

Raúl Bragança Neto

Head of Media & Impact Investment

Nicholas Khan-Roper

Head of Banking and M&A


Joyce Nido

Head of Compliance & HR


Indira Zanda


Rute Amorim