Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of Emerald Group is composed of professionals with stellar reputations, extensive track records and deep knowledge regarding cultural, legal, political and socioeconomic differences of the countries in which they operate.

These managers have spent in excess of 120 years of combined efforts in Africa, and their relationships and strategic partnerships with relevant decision makers, local entrepreneurs and CEOs of public and private companies provide privileged access to channel unique investment opportunities and to ensure sustainable growth.



Mr. N’Gunu Tiny

Chairman of the Board
  • N’Gunu Tiny is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emerald Group. He has been involved in all phases of Emerald Group’s development since its inception in 2011.
  • Mr. Tiny is Co-Founder and Former Chairman of  Eaglestone,  London,  a boutique investment firm that focuses on energy, commodities and natural resources. While in tenure until 2013, Mr. Tiny advised on a number of significant transactions including a state owned metals mining company on its restructuring, the acquisition of an upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country by one of the ten oil and gas majors, and the sale of an upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country to an LSE listed company.
  • From the outset of his career, Mr. Tiny has accepted several prestigious advisory roles including, Chairman of the General  Meeting  of  Finibanco from  2011  to  2013; Board  Member  of  the  Angola  Securities Exchange Commission from 2011 to 2012;  and Board Member of the De Beers Angola Investments from 2012 to 2013. He was also the Chairman of Banco  Postal  SA from  2016  to  2018.
  • Mr. Tiny is also a Partner and Board Member at Optimal Investments, SA.
  • Mr. Tiny  is  a  lawyer  by  trade and graduated  with  highest  honours  from the Law  School  of  the  Nova University of Lisbon. He has made extensive contributions to academia as a research student at the London School of Economics and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School. He has also served as an Associate Professor at the Catholic University Law School and Visiting Professor at Agostinho Neto Law Faculty.
  • Mr. Tiny is a philanthropist and supporter of the arts and education. He was a Strategic Partner of Africa Centre, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council, a member of Advisory Council of the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, and Patron of the British Museum. He is also a World Fellow of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In 2017, Mr. Tiny was recognised as one of the 100 most influential Leaders of Tomorrow by the Choiseul Institute.


Mr. Khalid Mohamed Al Amiri

Non-Executive director
  • Mr. Khalid Mohamed Al Amiri is an Emirati banker, entrepreneur and founder of several business houses in Dubai, UAE in the food & beverage, retail, industry, trading, services and publishing sectors.
  • Mr. Al Almiri started his banking career at Standard Chartered Bank.
  • From 1987 to 1990, he worked in various international cities including Dubai, Bombay and Kuala Lumpur.
  • After leaving Standard Charter Bank, he held several positions at Dubai Islamic Bank, in Dubai and Sharjah (1990 – 1992), and at HSBC Bank Middle East, in Dubai, Sharjah and MENA Regional Office (1992 – 2012).
  • Mr. Al Amiri currently sponsors several international business entities in the UAE and is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Sharjah English School, a non-profit entity that provides a British curriculum in Sharjah, UAE.
  • Mr. Al Amiri holds a BS in Business Administration and English Literature from UAE University.


Mr. Preba Moodley

Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Preba Moodley is the Founder of Sekila International Trade, an international trading company based in Dubai.
  • Mr. Moodley has significant banking experience, having commenced his banking career with the New Republic Bank in South Africa, before joining FirstCorp Merchant Bank as an investment banker and treasury specialist. He has been engaged in transactions for major multinationals including BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Anglo American Corporation, South African Breweries. He played a role to help shaping South Africa’s financial derivatives markets. He was part of a team of financial markets specialists that set up Decillion, South Africa’s first nonbank financial derivatives structuring and trading company. Following the IPO of Decillion on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Mr. Moodley served as the managing director in South Africa before relocating to Switzerland to further develop the business.
  • He subsequently set up Sekila International Trade in Dubai, UAE to focus on international trade and structuring.
  • Mr. Moodley graduated in economics from the University of Durban and completed his honours at the University of South Africa. He has also completed the Advanced Executive program at the University of South Africa.




“I make it my goal to make sure everyone working around me, with me or every colleague I know is happy to work for Emerald Group” N’Gunu Tiny

Mr. N’Gunu Tiny

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr. N’Gunu Tiny is the CEO of Emerald Group. From its inception in 2009 till date, he is involved in all phases of the Group’s development, namely by defining the overall strategy, managing the business relationships and raising funds for various projects. Mr. Tiny is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emerald Group (more details in Board of Directors).

Mr. Afzal Munshi

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Afzal Munshi joined the Group in 2012 as part of the Finance team and is now the COO.

Previously, Mr. Munshi held several positions in trading firms, including Qantar Genenal Trading, UAE where his primary emphasis was to develop the company’s business, across varied industries such as trading (exports of soft and General commodities mainly to East African countries), waste paper management (from sourcing and procurement in the GCC to process and contract supply to public listed Companies & Mills in India).

He also associated to Sekila International Trade, which specializes in Trade Finance and Structured Commodity Finance, where his main focus was to expand the trade between Africa and India, such as supply of motor vehicles and other specialized equipment to Public and Private companies as Kwanda SUL, supply of agri commodities from Africa to MMTC India (Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India, India’s largest public-sector trading body) or fund raising for 100 MW wind power project in Gujarat, India.

Mr. Munshi holds a BBA and Major in Marketing from Champlain College in Burlington Vermont, USA.

Mr. Raúl Bragança Neto

Managing Director, Emerald Group

Mr. Raúl Bragança Neto joined the Group in 2015 as Project Manager at Emerald Services. From 2016 to mid 2019, he served on secondment at Banco Postal as Chief of Staff and Head of the Investment Desk, before returning to the Group as Managing Director.

Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Bragança Neto was a Strategy and Operation Consultant at Deloitte’s consulting division for the industries of Media, Technology Construction & Real Estate, Infrastructure & Utilities, and Telecommunications. During this time, he worked on several projects that helped to deliver value to both public and private sector institutions.

Mr. Bragança Neto also worked with Huawei Angola as an Engineer and Trainer with the department of Assured and Managed Services.

He began his professional career as a helpdesk technician in Portugal for companies such as Portugal Telecom and Optimus. Mr. Bragança Neto holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunication and Informatics by the ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute.

Ms. Nathalie Poirier

Company Secretary
Managing Director – HR and Compliance

Ms. Nathalie Poirier joined the Group in 2013 and heads the HR and Compliance department, as well as act as the Company Secretary for Emerald Group of Companies.

Previously, she headed the validation department of Biozeen, a leading Biopharmaceutical Consulting and Engineering Company in India. Her main responsibilities were to validate processes and equipment, create protocols, document testing results and to train operators in view of compliance with CGMP and US FDA. She also led the Quality Assurance Department of an F&B company, to transit from a small artisan bakery to a renowned industrial food company with ISO accreditation.

Throughout her career, she brought in and implemented international quality standards, to build internal system excellence, which were used as a benchmark to increase customer reach through product & process acceptance. Ms. Poirier holds an MSc in Agriculture from the École Supérieure d’Agriculture d’Angers, in France, and a Bachelor Degree in Maths & Physics.

Ms. Iris de Sousa Martins

General Counsel

Ms. Iris de Sousa Martins joined the group in 2011, first at Moove Consulting (as a Legal Consultant, and then as the Manager of the Legal Department), after which she took the responsibility of heading the Legal Department and acting as the company Secretary of UP VALUE – Consultoria e Gestão. She is now the General Counsel.

Ms. Iris de souse Martins began her career as a legal consultant at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) Angola, where she worked in the Legal and Tax Department, and was involved in several projects in the areas of Corporate, Labor, Contractual and Private Investment Law.

Ms. Iris de souse Martins holds a degree in Legal Sciences – Forensic and Economic Law from the Catholic University of Angola and a postgraduate in Business Law from Agostinho Neto University, Angola.

Ms. Cristiana de Nóbrega

Financial Controller

Ms. Cristiana de Nóbrega joined Emerald Services in 2015 to lead the Angolan Finance Department as well as drive the Management Services Division. She is currently the Finance Controller for the Emerald Group.

Prior to joining the Group, she held a position as Controller at Accenture Branch Holdings, where she assumed responsibility of Client Financial Management (CFM). Previously, she led the Department of Finance and Human Resources for a group of companies within in the manufacturing sector.

Ms. Nóbrega began her professional path as an Auditor and Consultant at Mazars, Portugal and Angola. Cristiana holds a Master degree in Capital Markets at Complutense University in Madrid. In addition, she has a Degree in Management and Public Administration from ISCSP, in Lisbon.

Ms. Susan Adetiloye

Head – Operations, Emerald Company UK

Ms. Susan Adetiloye, a Financial Mathematics expert with varied exposure to Business and Finance Management across diverse institutional sectors, has joined Emerald Company UK, the sister company of the Emerald Group based on London, as the Office Manager to take charge of the office operations in 2015. Since then, she moved up to lead the Operations of the company.


Corporate Governance


“There’s always place for improving, even if you have already achieved the highest standards. That’s why we seek for constant innovation and continuously rethink the way we do business, creating bonds and extraordinary costumer experiences.”
N´Gunu Tiny

Since its inception, Emerald believes in operating under sound corporate governance practices. Our stakeholders are dedicated to serving the interests of the Company and its Shareholder, and creating long-term value.

The Board of Director

The board of directors (the “board”) has been elected with the objectives of strategizing the company for the long term. The Board includes diverse experiences and expertise’s (from investments to banking to law) coming from different part of the world (4 continents represented). This mix of skills and perspectives reflects the position and objectives of the Company.

The board is responsible for overseeing the strategy of the Emerald group of Companies, with a mission to protect the interests of the Shareholder and the Companies as a whole, including its clients, customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

The Executive Management

The Executive Management team consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Operating Officer as well as the General Counsel, the Global Heads and Managing Directors of Emerald.

Principally, the Executive Management ensures that the organization is effective. It implements the strategy elaborated by the Board and targets the resources towards success.

The Executive Management team meets regularly with the Board to review the status of the business, to assess the risks and opportunities faced throughout the year and elaborate specific plans to address them in the future.

The Executive Management also promotes a culture of compliance and ethics across our business and around the world.

The Senior Management

Each Department and Business Unit is led by a Head / Senior Manager that provides support to the Executive Management on the day-to-day activities and coordinates with their respective team.

Emerald group of Company’s Corporate Governance is documented in the companies’ corporate charters, bylaws, corporate governance guidelines and applicable rule and regulations. All remain at the company compliance department and are revised from time to time in response to changing regulatory requirements.

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