The Emerald Group is proud to announce that Emerald Europe Lda., the European subsidiary focusing on impact investment and innovation, has acquired the rights to launch Forbes África Lusófona that covers Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe (in lieu of the existing Forbes Angola).

The publishing license was acquired directly from the American parent company Forbes Media.

Emerald Europe thus reinforces its presence in the media sector, as it already owns 30% of the first Portuguese digital fact-checking newspaper Polígrafo.

With its first edition planned for July 2021, the new Forbes África Lusófona will focus on local economic information, highlighting the standout personalities and companies that make a difference on the continent, thus contributing to improve the business environment by establishing bridges and synergies for a better and more inspiring future.

“We believe in Forbes’ potential as a benchmark in the business world to promote the Portuguese language. It is a strong socioeconomic and cultural asset that will, therefore, be enhanced by new information technologies and by a reinforcement in its current editorial line”, says Raúl Bragança Neto, Executive Director of Emerald Europe.

Forbes África Lusófona will share the same newsroom as Forbes Portugal, whose rights are also held by Emerald Europe, and led by Editor in Chief Nilza Rodrigues. She will be joined and supported by Paul Trustfull, the founder of Forbes Afrique, the francophone Africa version of the magazine. Mr. Trustfull has also worked for 13 years in the North American magazine and will take over the international editorial staff.