Mr. N’Gunu Tiny

N’Gunu Tiny is Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and Founder of the Emerald Group.


N’Gunu Tiny: Emerald Group formation and development

He has been involved with all phases of the Emerald Group’s development since it launched in 2009. N’Gunu Tiny is also a Partner and Board Member at Optimal Investments, SA.


N’Gunu Tiny: Previous positions, advisory and consultancy roles

Until 2013, N’Gunu Tiny was also Co-Founder and Former Chairman of Eaglestone. This boutique investment firm is based in London and focuses on natural resources, commodities and energy. He advised on a number of significant transactions including:

  • Restructuring of a state-owned metals mining company.
  • Acquisition of an Upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country by one of the ten Oil&Gas major companies.
  • Sale of an Upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country to an LSE listed company.

From the start of his career, N’Gunu Tiny has worked on several prestigious advisory positions including:

  • Chairman of Banco Postal SA 2016-2018
  • Board Member of the De Beers Angola Investments 2012-2013
  • Board Member of the Angola Securities Exchange Commission 2011-2012
  • Chairman of the General Meeting of Finibanco 2011-2013.


N’Gunu Tiny: Education and research roles within Academia

A lawyer by trade, N’Gunu Tiny graduated with the highest honours from the Law School at the Nova University, Lisbon. He made extensive contributions to Academia as a research student at LSE (London School of Economics) and as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School. He also served as an Associate Professor at the Catholic University Law School and as Visiting Professor at Agostinho Neto Law Faculty.


N’Gunu Tiny: Philanthropist and supporter of arts and education

In 2017, N’Gunu Tiny was recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders of Tomorrow by the Choiseul Institute. He has served as a Strategic Partner of Africa Centre, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council, a Patron of the British Museum, and a member of the Advisory Council for the Performing Arts. He is also a World Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.