Emerald Group

Chairman Letter

Emerald Group Chairman Letter

The 2008 financial crisis and most recent acute global economic and political events have reshaped the landscape of investing in international markets. The investment community has become increasingly hypersensitive to headline and perceived risk across asset classes and geographies, particularly in the context of an uncertain and rather grim outlook for global economic growth.

Events driven market sentiment has also challenged the conventional investment paradigm and has forced investors to reengineer, reshuffle, consolidate or shed assets in an effort to be more risk averse.

Today’s emerging market investors and asset managers face a contoured investment landscape; one that favours strategic, focused and adaptive growth strategies, that optimize expenditure, maximize efficiency and embrace the long-term intrinsic growth prospects of communities, businesses, and countries.

The most forward thinking investors and managers are teaming up with specialized advisors, establishing local partnerships, and creating bespoke, executable regional and sub-regional strategies that account for the full spectrum of variables – economic, political, and social alike. Success from now on will largely be driven by partnerships, expertise, and disciplined navigation. This strategy is delicately woven into the fabric of our company’s history, and has been integral to our success since our inception.

At Emerald Group, resolve amid turbulence, dexterity in the face of opportunity, and far-reaching market expertise is at the core of our business. Stability and consistency of services despite an evolving global economic landscape has cemented our firm as a partner of choice for emerging markets investment.

The recent shift in the investment landscape has prompted Emerald Group to adapt, refocus our core competencies, and position the company to better capitalize on emerging market opportunities spawned from an evolving global economy. As such, Emerald Group has developed a new strategic direction to focus on the following three sectors:

This corporate adaptation was designed and executed by the board to better suit the ambitions of our financial backers and to position the firm to better capitalize on opportunities in the market. It is our belief that participating in these sectors will drive material growth across our business, and give rise to new blue-sky growth opportunities. Emerald Group is now equipped with a platform that operates harmoniously: Three verticals that are synchronized for maximum value addition to our investors and stakeholders, and optimized to meet the current demands of the market.

At Emerald, we believe in emerging markets growth and are both enthusiastic about the opportunities and humbled by the challenges that they present. Our unrivalled ability to adapt and navigate the ever-changing landscape of these markets is a testament to our management’s capability, deep expertise, strategic partnerships, global presence, and our financial capability to invest in opportunities and manage our own assets. These attributes equip Emerald Group with the latitude to execute on a wide range of opportunities without being at the mercy of liquidity.
We are steadfast in our mission to source, vet, and invest in frontier and emerging market countries with the intent to build a truly global business and contribute to the growth and development of emerging markets globally.

N’Gunu Tiny
Chairman and CEO

Emerald Group

Corporate Overview


Emerald Group is an economic group that focuses in developing and creating value through investments and advisory services in a wide variety of sectors, from natural resources to finance.

The regional and sector expertise of the Group’s management are the primary forces behind the Group’s success, and will continue to generate value for our partners and our investors in the long term. Emerald Group is positioned to be the ideal business partner of choice for frontier and emerging market investments.

Strategic partnerships, inclusive growth, and shared responsibility are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and resonate across our business dealings. Most importantly, adhering to international transparency initiatives and upholding the highest sustainability standards have been, and will be, the guiding light for our group in the future, below are our corporate overview highlights.


  • Holding Structure incorporated at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Authority
  • Headquarter in Dubai with offices in London, Portugal and Luanda
  • Emerging & frontier market focused, emphasis on Africa
  • Strong access to global capital pools
  • Strategic joint ventures and partnerships in place
  • Existing portfolio of investments
  • Extensive project pipeline; currently various opportunities
  • Seasoned, transparent and credible management team
  • Dedication to strong corporate governance and best practice

Emerald Group

Vision, Values and Mission


“Being a leader of an organisation requires the ability to be a leader in multi-level organisations. As leaders of such an organisation, we need to create a challenge-oriented environment otherwise we will never have the kind of integrity we want in our organisation.”
Preba Moodley

Everything starts here, the vision, values and mission of Emerald Group. We know who we are, what we want, where to go, knowing who we want to have by ourselves.

Emerald Group Vision

To become the strategic partner of choice to the global investment community. In addition, the Emerald Group intends to be the leading investment group in the natural resources, financial and services sectors within emerging market countries.

Emerald Group Values

The Emerald Group’s key to success in emerging markets, and with a specific focus on Africa, lies in shared responsibility, inclusivity and best practice. This is why partnerships and strategic alliances are at the core of the Emerald Group’s business model. Trust, accountability and credibility are the foundational pillars upon which these relationships are built.

Emerald Group Mission

To invest, manage and grow its holdings with the intent to facilitate economic growth and development in frontier and emerging markets. To build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners. To uphold the highest quality standards with respect to environmental preservation and sustainable socioeconomic development.

Emerald Group

Group Structure


About Emerald Group structure and verticals

The Emerald Group comprises three separate but complementary verticals:

  1. Emerald Investments.
  2. Emerald Capital.
  3. Emerald Resources.

Each business vertical works on various global business projects and each of the three subsidiaries has its own specific business purpose. Together under the Emerald Group banner, they are stronger and create value across multiple cross platform investment opportunities.

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Emerald Group is incorporated at the DIFC

The Emerald Group is incorporated at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). This ensures transparent and ethical business practices under the economic region’s regulatory framework. Every Emerald Group employee believes in compliance with local and international regulations and best practice. This includes a commitment to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Under the DIFC, the Emerald Group has streamlined its business processes and refined its statutory position.

A focus on emerging and frontier markets lie at the core of the Emerald Group’s business strategy, particularly investment in Africa.