London, Date: October 2019


Emerald Group today announces the establishment of BANKO Financial Group; the financial services provider challenging Africa’s banking market with the offer of inclusive, innovative and unparalleled services, committed to people at all levels of society. BANKO Financial Group aims to connect people and businesses in Africa, by building a unique and inclusive ecosystem, with a focus on closing the perception gap through market knowledge, experience and inclusiveness.

In Africa’s ever-changing and complex global economic environment, financial inclusion is a key driver to tackling and boosting socio-economic growth, and subsequently enhancing and improving lives in communities across the world. However, the conventional banking system is not capable of meeting the needs the needs of up to 70{a1cc5371d7c363fe69c00ea3f5d5acad204dd7c744ea8e2328253cf9bfa13af2} of the African population, with many unable to navigate the complexities of Africa’s current financial market.

BANKO Financial Group aims to transform this and be active agents of change. With vast experience within the financial services industry and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to operate in Africa, BANKO places emphasis on positively contributing to the socio-economic development of its host communities, while continuously driving shareholder value and yielding favourable returns.

The BANKO Financial Group headquarters are established in London, whilst its financial services will be operational across multiple regions in Africa.

About Emerald Group

Emerald Group is an international investment company headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE, and was founded in 2009. The Group’s ambition is to become a reference for investing in social impact-related projects with an additional, but not exclusive, focus on Africa, and in the context of emerging markets. The firm is proud to adhere to the most demanding international standards of transparency and sustainability in the conduct of its business.

Further information available at emeraldgroup-inc.com.

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