The Emerald Group is a diversified investment Group that capitalizes on opportunities across several sectors including but not limited to energy, finance and media.

Premier global business partnership

The Group’s management has longstanding relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leaders and CEOs of public and private companies, that provide access to off-market opportunities and cross-border functionality that drives long-term material growth across our businesses.
Emerald Capital

Opportunities in the Finance sector, from Banking to Financial & Capital markets.

Emerald Energy

Specialises in investment and financing of natural resource assets, commodity trading, renewable and alternative energy solutions.

Emerald Media

Emerald Media is building an ecosystem of media brands that compliment one another and aims to be the primary content outlet in the markets they represent.

The regional and sectoral expertise of the Group’s management are the primary forces behind the our success. 

Emerald Group is positioned to be the ideal business partner of choice for frontier and emerging market investments. Strategic partnerships, inclusive growth, and shared responsibility are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and resonate across our business dealings. Most importantly, adhering to international transparency initiatives and upholding the highest sustainability standards have been, and will be, the guiding light for our group in the future.