The Emerald Group is delighted to announce the establishment of a joint venture with Carret Private Investments Limited under the name of CEPC (SG) in Singapore. CEPC (SG) is the latest extension of Carret Asset Management (New York) which was founded in 1963 by Philip L. Carret, a Wall Street icon who pioneered the concept of “value investing” and is quoted by Warren Buffett himself as his most valued mentor. The venture will serve HNW families and institutional clients and offers independent asset and wealth management services. This new enterprise follows in the footsteps of the establishment of Carret Private Capital Limited in Hong Kong in 2015. With CEPC (SG), Carret and Emerald Group are reaching out to the Asian region to export over 90+ years of experience.

“Philip Carret had the best long-term investment record of anyone l know”

Warren Buffet


An endorsement of this magnitude solidifies the relationship between Emerald Group and Carret. With extensive investment experience from both sides, CEPC (SG) can deliver bespoke services that are complement to the current offering. 

The joint venture caters to the ever-changing investing scenarios and shifts in the global tax environment, which all call for versatile and individualised solutions to ensure the compliant safe passing down of wealth to the next generation. Emerald Group’s experience in providing corporate advisory services to clients in the Middle East region will be greatly enhanced by the addition of a new booking centre in Singapore and the Far East. Added to the suit of regulated products being offered CEPC (SG), the entity will be able to custodise and manage clients’ assets efficiently across multiple jurisdictions. Emerald Group’s network with reputable associates in the region makes it seemingly easier to work towards identifying, exploring opportunities, and assisting clients in navigating the transaction journey.