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Business Overview


“By listening, understanding, not necessarily agreeing all the times; I mean at the end of the day we may have different opinions, respecting these differences but actually drawing insight and wisdom from it.”
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Emerald Group has a strong sense of vocation for identifying new opportunities and conducting business in emerging market countries. Africa is where this strategic presence is strongest. Specializing in the social, political, economic, and historic aspects of this Continent, in all areas, becomes an immeasurable competitive advantage when doing business.

Identification of opportunities, specialization in the most relevant aspects of every African country, access to the main decision makers and execution capacity are the main competitive factors made available to those who wish to come to Africa.

  • A Board with a combined experience of more than 100 years to conduct business in Africa.
  • Longstanding relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leaders and CEOs of public and private companies
  • Access to key decision makers and the fastest growing cities on the continent

Our Business

Investments Strategy


Our principle strategy to entry across our businesses is based on regional expertise, sector expertise, partnerships, and the design and implementation of bespoke, executable strategies.

Working locally requires access to key decision makers, strong personal and professional relationships and an extensive track record. Together, our investment, management and risk analysis capacity, are indispensable components to the execution of the projects that we undertake.

  • Divorce from the perception that Africa is one country
  • Leverage partnerships with specialized advisors
  • Establish relationships with local companies
  • Promote inclusive growth
  • Design regional and sub-regional strategies
  • Navigate legislative landscape and adhere to all laws
  • Practice good governance and strong ethics

Our Business

Representative Investments

“New ideas bring value. And that’s what really makes the world go around.”
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With our comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of Africa’s potential, new projects in various sectors are omnipresent. The Emerald Group is strategically and financially equipped to make new investments in an effort to build a diversified and dynamic portfolio.


Banco Postal is an Angolan banking institution focused on inclusion and financial innovation, targeting the long-term opportunity that these represent, differentiating itself through its market position and the offer of mobile financial services.

Banco Postal operates through three separate Business Units addressing four client segments: Xikila Money, which focuses on the unbanked sector with low and medium income individuals; Comércio & Empresários, targets small companies and entrepreneurs; and finally Corporate & Personal, focuses on the sizable companies and individuals with high income who require modern, efficient communication channels, innovative products and bespoke services.

Further information is available at http://www.bancopostal.ao


EMILOR is a Joint Venture between Essilor and the Emerald Group since 2015. Essilor, as a result of more than 160 years of innovation in eye care, is the world leader in corrective lenses, present in more than 100 countries. From design to manufacture, Essilor develops a wide range of lenses to correct and protect the eyesight of everyone in the world, using lenses tailored to their needs and possibilities. Emilor’s objective is to offer quality eye products and eye care services to the Angolan market at an affordable rate.


Emerald Resources founded Nino Oil & Gas in 2014, an independent E&P company that exclusively focuses on oil and gas opportunities in Angola. Nino’s chief objective is to acquire and develop a balanced portfolio of non-operating interests in producing, proven, or highly prospective oil assets across Angola.


Emerald Company (UK) Ltd, earlier known as Advantage Advisory (UK) Ltd, is the London-based affiliate of Emerald Group. Emerald Company (UK) specializes in frontier and emerging markets globally with a particular emphasis on Africa. The firm targets opportunities in the energy, natural resources commodities and infrastructure sectors.


In 2013, Emerald Group founded Diaar Property Group, a privately owned strategic, property development and investment company. With a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial approach, the company has invested in excess of US$25 million in residential, offices and retails projects in Angola. Diaar Property Group is currently looking at opportunities in the Mozambican real estate sector.


Accel International was incorporated in 2015 to cater to the trading activities of the group. It specializes in Building & Construction Material as well provides Construction services. Being based in the UAE, the company is at the epicenter of the world trade flows and is therefore capable of furnishing the best material and services to its customers.


Facility Management S.A, also known as FAMA, provides personalized services in a thoroughly professional manner to private housing as well as corporate & commercial entities in Angola since 2016. FAMA, with a workforce of more than 50 employees, offers general and specialized cleaning services, general maintenance and facility services, including HVAC, as well as trained domestic assistants and office support staff.


In 2018, a partnership between Fernando Esteves, Conta-Me Histórias and Emerald Group, through the incorporation of Inevitável E Fundamental Lda, birthed an innovative online journalism project, Polígrafo. Polígrafo is a fact-checking website with the sole purpose of verifying the veracity of global news, for the benefit and clarity of its readers. The web-based media outlet comprises of a range of topics from politics and economics, to sports and international news. At Emerald Group, we hold a significant regard for contributing both financial and intangible value; thus, this partnership is a testament of our willingness to create a globally well-informed and perceptive environment.

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Horizonte Merchant Capital is a limited private equity company, wholly owned  by the Emerald Group, based at Two International Financial Centre in Hong Kong. Horizonte is the eastern arm of Emerald Capital, which has a focus on identifying investments opportunities between China and Africa, by consorting with strategic partners, structuring transactions, and financing projects in niche sectors such as Trade Finance, E-commerce, Fintech and Banking industry. Horizonte, through its highly experienced team members,  also provides bespoke capital and investment advice to select clients, who require specific or specially structured merchant capital services.


NextGen is a private limited company, strategically incorporated in Australia and headquartered in Angola, which has been established to identify, build and operate mining projects in the west and southern parts of Africa. The mineral exploration company has the capacity to manage all or various aspects of both Greenfield and Brownfield projects, including their financing, construction and long-term operating phase. With track records that span globally and particularly in Africa. Next Gen is led by a team of seasoned professionals who have a deepened understanding of the natural resource market, and strong relationships with large funding houses, key decision makers and major industry participants. NextGen represents a strategic gateway to Africa’s historically rich properties, and demonstrates a fresh and multifaceted investment approach in the world of Natural Resources.


Optimal Investments is one of Portugal’s leading investment banking boutiques. The firm, which specialises in corporate finance and investment advice, formed in 2018 to offer a broad spectrum of bespoke services including; corporate finance, project & structured finance, and services in equity & debt capital markets. Led by an alliance of seasoned professionals, Optimal leverages its extensive investments experience, coupled with deep industry relationships and entrepreneurial flair, to earn its vast track record as an advisor in some of the most noted cross-border transactions. The client centric firm has a strong international presence and is fully owned by its partners, ensuring complete alignment of interests with clients.


Optime Investments is an alternative asset management and investment firm, established in Portugal, with a mission to preserve and deliver sustainable capital growth to its clients. With over 75 years of experience grounded in private equity and alternative asset management, the firm’s main areas of expertise are in private equity, real estate and non-performing loans. Optime is integrated in an international network of large caps, SMEs and universities, and has the capacity to successfully deliver attractive opportunities across varying market conditions. While Optime Investments’ operations are guided by a set of internal processes, designed to serve clients with diligence and transparency, all its activities are regulated and supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.


Makeba is a revolutionary, mobile-based financial services provider that combines a mobile wallet with international money transfers for individuals, as well as merchant point of sale solutions. The mobile platform will host a suite of mobile applications to facilitate a comprehensive variety of financial services to meet the needs of its users, whilst ensuring high industry standards in transaction speed, convenience and security. Makeba aims to deliver sustainable value to individuals and businesses alike, by addressing the economically active yet unbanked population, and enabling low cost, flexible solutions in comparison to traditional methods. Its initial phase focuses on the African populace and the African diaspora within USA and Europe with intent to expand globally.


BANKO Financial Group aims to connect people and businesses in Africa, by building a unique and inclusive ecosystem, with a focus on closing the perception gap through market knowledge, experience and inclusiveness. With vast experience within the financial services industry and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to operate in Africa, BANKO Financial Group will provide inclusive, innovative and unparalleled services to people at all levels of society, with the aim to positively contribute to the socio-economic development of host communities, while continuously increasing shareholder value and yielding favourable returns. The BANKO Financial Group headquarters are established in London, whilst its financial services will be operational across multiple regions in Africa.